Dreaming Awake

Down I Go - Chapter 1

I’m writing this because I don’t want to. Because I know I have to if I’m to grow into the woman my younger self dreamed she could be. I wonder as I write this if you’ll perhaps accept my unspoken invitation to be more vulnerable and real in your life. It just so happens that honesty and humility are mighty full of richness. Let me get past my fear already and continue.

My name is Jamie Sullivan, and today is an anniversary for me. Surely this anniversary is not one to be celebrated – or is it. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

These last four years, 2013-2016, have been so very full for me. Mountains worth of gratitude, despair & celebration. January 24, 2013, I woke from surgery in an unfamiliar hospital room to a surgeon telling me, groggy still from sedation and shock, that “there was no point in saving my fallopian tube because the pregnancy was too far along. And now that that’s handled there will be no more pregnancies for...

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